Quiz Maker ExampleIf after reading our book you are looking for a powerful, intuitive and easy to use Quiz Maker, I highly recommend you check out Riddle.com. Riddle offers a broad range of quiz tools with built in lead generation capabilities to allow you to generate money from your interactive content.

When it comes to quiz makers, there are quite a few tools out there. They either fall into the category of hobby quiz maker products that are littered with ads and branding from the creator of these tools (such as Playbuzz), where the only goal is to drive traffic back to the quiz makers site. Or, if they are aimed at the more professional market, they are priced out of range for most bloggers and small business owners by putting the features that really matter (lead generation, Facebook Pixel tracking) into their high priced enterprise product range like Qzzr, charging you $499 per month.

The Riddle Quiz Maker offers a free 14 day trial without collecting any payments details. This lets you explore their tools at no risk and anything you create and embed on your site will stay active forever – even if you choose not to pay. Paid plans start at $7 for the basic package if prepaid for a year or $9 if you choose to go from month to month.

Basic Quiz Maker Features

If you are looking at online quiz makers, make sure they offer at least these features:

  • Multiple Choice answers (sometimes just one correct answer for each question is not enough)
  • Allow the use of images for answers. You need to keep the time it takes to go through the quiz as short as possible. When using images as answers, you dramatically reduce the time it takes to answer a question. People generally process images a lot faster than text.
  • Display answer explanations. Especially when you are asking really tough quiz questions, you will get much great acceptance from your readers if you provide them with an explanation about the correct answer. Bonus points for a quiz builder that allows different explanations for those readers who answered correctly vs. those who got it wrong. After all, someone who picked the right answer might not need a long and winded explanation why the answer was correct.
  • Flexible scoring. Depending on the type of quiz you are building you might need the reader to get 80% of more of the questions right to get a passing grade. Make sure your quiz build of choice gives you full flexibility for the scoring ranges
  • Offer personality quizzes in addition to pop quizzes. A personality quiz has no right or wrong answers. Instead it will match answers with personality traits and calculate a result based on how many answers were attributed to a specific personality trait. For example a quiz titled “what color best matches your style?” needs to be created as a personality quiz. There are no correct or wrong colors. Typically a good quiz maker will have a different quiz type and slightly different interface for this type of quiz.

Bonus points of your quiz maker of choice allows for free text entry instead of a selection of answer choices in a pop quiz. That way you can create awesome quizzes for language classes for example, or spelling quizzes and so much more.

Riddle.com Quiz Maker

Advanced Quiz Maker Features

If you want to generate money from your quizzes there are 2 key things you can do.

a) use the quiz to generate highly targeted leads

b) use the quiz to serve ads or to drive traffic to a targeted landing page


Generating leads from a quiz is pretty straight forward and highly effective. Place a form right after the last question before you show the results and collect name and email from the quiz taker. As the person taking the quiz is already in the mental state of answering questions, filling out a short form comes natural and you will see completion rates as high as 30% on this lead form, which is 10 to 20 times higher than what you would expect from a lead form on your website. Now combine the leads with the quiz result and put your leads into buckets to fine tune your marketing. For example, if you run a travel website, run a quiz that finds out if someone prefers city breaks or short trips to the mountains, collect their name and email and store that along with the result. Now you can send promos for city trips only to those users, who got that particular result. Your conversion rates for these offers is going to be a lot higher compared to a blind email blast with multiple offers to everyone on your list.

Landing Page

If your main goal is selling products online, you can also drive quiz traffic to specific landing pages that relate to their result. Using the travel example from above, drop the lead form and send the user straight to a landing page that corresponds to the quiz result. To do this, the quiz builder you are using needs to allow for external result pages based on quiz results. Ideally the quiz data is passed on to that page so that you can customize it using the answers the quiz taker gave.

Key Advanced Features to look for

  • Wide choice of lead gen options
  • Connection to zapier.com to allow you the use of just about any CRM on the planet
  • Custom landing pages for each result
  • Sending quiz data via webhook to a page of your choice for further processing on your own servers
  • iFrame option to embed your own lead forms or a video ad before showing the results
  • Call to Action button in the results to drive traffic to a page of your choice

Interactive Story – Branching Quiz

Riddle also has an amazing content format that I have not found anywhere else. They call it interactive story. It is a quiz maker tool that combines the traditional question and answer format with extensive branching logic. The answer selected by the reader leads to a new question – like the old “choose your own adventure” books. At the end of each branch the matching result is displayed.

quiz maker with branching logic