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  • Why do quizzes work so well?

  • Quiz, personality test, poll – what is the difference?

  • How to write a great quiz

  • How to write the perfect personality test

  • Making money from quizzes

  • The quiz sales funnel

Quizzes are big these days. Really big.

You must have seen online quizzes or personality tests like these on your social feed:

  • “Which Harry Potter character are you?”
  • “How many country capitals can you name?”
  • “What’s your ideal career?”

According to AdWeek, quizzes and personality tests are the most shared content on social media – and every day, your friends and family will post a quiz or test result like “My spirit animal is ‘Tiger’ – what is yours? Take the test to find out!”

Quiz Maker Tools like Riddle.com are being used by large publishers like the BBC, sports teams like the Chicago Bulls and small bloggers all over the world to support a wide range of marketing initiatives, from collecting leads to keeping readers engaged.

As a marketer, if you are not using quizzes and tests to promote your brand and to collect leads yet, you are missing out on a powerful sales and customer retention tool.

Best of all – quizzes get your potential customers involved. Instead of bombarding them with ads, use quizzes to get them clicking and volunteering information that will help you match your products and services to their needs.

In this book, we’ll show you how to easily create the perfect online quiz to drive engagement, social shares and (most importantly) sales.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started…